K-Tracker Technology

Tracking and monitoring endangered species is vital for understanding behaviours, habitat use, and overall health and population viability. EVE’s award-winning biotelemetric K-Tracker proprietary technology revolutionises the way koala populations are monitored and is customisable to other species.
The K-Tracker is a biotelemetry device deployed on koalas via a low-profile and customisable koala collar, enabling our field operations team to remotely monitor koala location and activity data from the cloud as well as in the field. The device and the user interface are part of the ‘K-Tracker’ Ecosystem of wildlife monitoring tools, co-designed by EVE and LX Group.

Remotely Monitoring Wildlife

The Queensland-born technology is a major tool used in our work to monitor up to hundreds of koalas throughout the most critical phases of development or other intensive population health monitoring scenarios.

By monitoring koalas using both radio telemetry and GPS technology, we collate a wide range of information about animal movements to better understand how they use their habitat. These fully programmable tags can alert us to low activity readings indicating potential koala health issues, or koalas that have moved into unsafe locations that may require intervention.

Safe Collar Design

The K-Tracker is attached with a small-medium mammal safe collar that is an adjustable release wildlife collar. It is designed to ensure welfare is at the forefront of koala monitoring, reducing rub lesions with its low-profile and smooth components and avoiding potentially fatal hang-ups by incorporating a weight-dependent break point. The safe collar has been custom-designed for koalas but can be tailored to other species, or alternatively, form-fit adaptations can be explored.


Advanced BLE Monitoring Features

Koala Interaction

Tracks proximity between K-Tracker tags to identify events such as isolation, mating habits and territorial behaviour.

Joey Independence Monitoring

Alerts user to the separation of mother and joey by pairing the irrespective K-Tracker tags.

High-Risk Alert Zone

Predefined high-risk zones using geo-fencing to alert when a koala is in or approaching danger.

Dynamic Alert Zone

Using BLE sentinel mode to alert the user when a koala is near a dynamic high-risk zone such as a construction site or moving vehicle.

Award Winning Design

Australian IoT Awards –
Education and Research 2017

Good Design Awards
Winner 2021

Sydney Engineering
Excellence Award 2014

Benefits for Other Species

The K-Tracker’s monitoring capabilities can support feasibility studies and other wildlife monitoring needs, helping advance a wide range of projects through the provision of robust data. This technology is invaluable for projects aimed at mitigating human-wildlife conflict with species in critical need of solutions. Currently underway is a research program to investigate improved methods for tracking and monitoring other threatened species, such as estuarine crocodiles in Far North Queensland, to advance the knowledge of human-crocodile interactions.

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